Support Norfolk Academy

Tidewater first. The World in time.
As a private institution with a public purpose, Norfolk Academy invests in educating and preparing citizen scholars—young adults with both the capacity and the desire to effect meaningful change wherever they go. Our entire grades-one-through-twelve continuum imbues students with not only the strong intellectual foundation, but also the respect, compassion, courage, and resolve they need to succeed in our increasingly interconnected and competitive world while also meeting real needs head-on.

Of course, delivering the breadth and depth of the Academy's exceptional program requires special commitment and resources. It takes all of us collectively supporting the Academy to better it, to nurture it, and to make it even stronger for current and future generations. That is why each year our parents both past and present, our trustees and alumni, our faculty and staff members, our grandparents and pillars of the Hampton Roads community step forward to express their confidence in Norfolk Academy through their gifts and dedicated service.

Together, all of us help secure the Academy’s role in shaping the next generations of intrepid leaders and visionary doers here in Tidewater, across the nation, and around the world.