Signature Programs

Classmates first. An interwoven community in time.
Norfolk Academy students arrive on our campus from all across Hampton Roads, from a wide variety of backgrounds. Here, they come together in an enterprise of learning academic mastery beside learning how to rely on one another, of testing intellectual and interpersonal boundaries, of feeling part of something larger than themselves.

Walk around Norfolk Academy, and you see a spirited game of pitball at the center of campus. In the refectory, family style lunch means fifth graders serve their first-grade counterparts. In the Cooper Library, Lower School students already engage in thoughtful research and writing projects, while across the way Upper School students fervently debate how to preserve the Chesapeake Bay’s fragile ecosystems, how to quell tumult in the Middle East, how to bring fresh water and health education to Haiti. On our athletic fields, classroom teachers coach their students in an entirely different—yet strikingly similar—manner of pursuit.

Each day, the Norfolk Academy campus buzzes with energy, hums to the frequency of mutual respect, admiration, hard work, and the joy inherent in learning for learning’s sake. We come together to accomplish much more than any one of us could alone.  Explore the Batten Civic and Global Leadership Program, Medical Scholars Program, and International Programs.