Will Tysinger '17

“The special thing about Norfolk Academy is how much the teachers care about every student.”
Virginia Tech (Honors College)
CCGL Chesapeake Bay Fellows, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Chinese Exchange Trip, Artist

Most Meaningful Activity
CCGL Chesapeake Bay Fellows.
This program gave me a chance to pursue a passion that did not fall specifically within a class. Being able to work with equally passionate teachers on important issues is both rewarding and motivating.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
Mr. Barton constantly challenges me artistically as my art teacher, physically as a football coach, and mentally as a friend and mentor. His work ethic and steadfast commitment to his character always inspires me.

Looking Back
I remember getting really excited about Mr. Jarvis’ tiny house project. That was one of the first times I tried to use math to find creative solutions to a real-world situation.

Looking Ahead
Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of relationships both with teachers and peers. My great teachers helped me discover what I want to spend my life doing. The time I spent forming relationships with different groups of peers has exposed me to new ideas, and I am both ready and looking forward to having 30,000+ different people around me next year.

The thing that makes me most a Bulldog is…my desire to constantly be learning and challenging myself.