Ryan Fulmer '17

“At no other school are opportunities to lead as plentiful as they are in Norfolk Academy’s hallways and on its athletic fields and courts.”
University of Virginia (Echols Scholar)
CCGL Global Health Fellows, Honor Council, TEAMS, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Diving, Varsity Track, Cum Laude Association (President), Wildlife Club (Founder)

Reflections on Learning
In my senior year, I continued my math studies by working through a Stanford course called “An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking” with Mr. Duqette. The course pushed me to think about math and logic in ways that I had never had before, and though it was difficult, I enjoyed the challenge. It also allowed me to work with Mr. Duqette one-on-one. I have always been impressed by his intellect and sagacity, and I am thankful for the time he took to share it with me.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
I have always appreciated Mrs. Diskin’s classes because they taught me to think deeply. In her tenth grade English class, she challenged me to think deeply about literature. In her senior Creative Writing course, she taught me to think deeply about myself.

The Academy Difference
At no other school could I, who considered myself a one-sport athlete when I came here, have a place on a team for all three athletic seasons. At no other school could I, who never could have imagined traveling abroad for a school trip, travel to China for a three-week exchange program or make three separate service trips to Haiti to implement Global Health interventions. Time after time, season after season and summer after summer, Norfolk Academy has continued to shape me into a confident leader ready to make an impact beyond its walls.

Making My Mark
I was able to make an impact locally and in Haiti, and I have become an effective leader because of the Global Health Fellows Program. It is my hope that I have inspired the younger Fellows to continue to improve the lives of others through medicine at home and abroad.

The thing that makes me most a Bulldog is…the relationships I have cultivated with teachers, friends, and coaches.