Emily Mesisco '17

“After 12 years on Norfolk Academy’s campus, I know what true leadership means.”
University of California, Los Angeles
Reach/Interact Service Club (President), Varsity Cross Country, Spanish Exchange

Most Meaningful Activity
SYA Spain. The opportunities to study abroad twice (the summer following my sophomore year and during the spring of my junior year) were the most transformative experiences of my life. My time in Spain sparked a passion in me for Spanish language and culture that I will foster for the rest of my life.

Reflections on Learning
The Credo allowed me to see what my peers were truly passionate about and to share my passions with them. My classmates sang, played instruments, danced, wrote poetry and short stories, created pieces of art, spoke different languages and much more. NA fosters a community in which all my peers felt safe and supported, allowing them to bare their hearts.

The Academy Difference
After 12 years on Norfolk Academy’s campus, I know what true leadership means. I have learned that leadership isn’t about speaking the loudest or the longest, but about listening, encouraging, inspiring, delegating, and asking for help.

Making My Mark
I am a very school-spirited individual; therefore, I always made an effort to go to school events whether they were athletic competitions, musical performances, art shows, or robotics competitions. I came to every event excited to witness the amazing feats my peers could achieve. My encouragement and support for my fellow students contributed positively to the culture of my grade and the school as a whole.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my drive to never stop learning. I will never stop asking questions or wondering “what if,” and I have NA to thank for instilling this quality in me and all my peers.