Caitlin Fisher '17

“The opportunities that I have gained from being a student in a place with so much love and passion for learning are completely unparalleled.”
Mount Holyoke College
Academy Singers, Academy Orchestra, Fall Play, Winter Musical, German Club (Co-President)

Inspirational Teacher Coach(es)
Mr. Oberdorfer and Dr. Rezelman have given me advice that has changed the way I view my classes, life, and the people around me. They helped me through some really hard times with school and interpersonal relationships. I truly would not be the same person I am today if it were not for these two people.

The Academy Difference
Norfolk Academy has given me a network of people that I can depend on in the future from my best friends to my teachers to a Turkish army officer. I have met people who strengthen me emotionally and intellectually. I know that I can go anywhere from Norfolk Academy, and that I will always have my network of people to help me along the way.

Making My Mark
The Arts are important to me, and through my participation in Orchestra, Chorus, and Theater, I am able to make the world and the school a better place.

Looking Back
I remember going to Monroe Elementary to tutor two first graders during middle school. I discovered that I really enjoy being around small children and that building those relationships is important and intensely rewarding. They gave me a picture of the three of us on the last day of tutoring, and it’s still hanging on my wall.

Looking Ahead
Academically, I feel prepared and confident in my abilities. Socially, I feel that I have learned how to create a network of mentors and friends. I am ready to leave NA, not because I’m sick of it, but because I am prepared to go off and make my way in the world. NA has done its job and done it well.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my empathy because I can use it to make the world a better place.