Pablo Vazquez Paramo '16

“I believe success comes through relationships. Norfolk Academy really teaches you how to speak to adults, and that’s an invaluable skill.”
Yale University

CCGL International Relations Fellows, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Wrestling, Exchange Programs with China and France

Most Meaningful Activity

Morning Chapel.
I love sitting in Chapel listening to guest speakers. NA invites incredible individuals. I can remember Conor Grennan and William Kamkwamba, for example. One began a lifelong passion of saving orphans in Nepal while the other built a windmill in order to save himself and his community from poverty. Those types of exposures really do resonate.

Reflections on Learning
Norfolk Academy makes you write a lot, and we have to share our material to an audience. It could be your Credo, your Senior Speech, or any one of your poems in English class. I love that unofficial requirement. I can speak with more confidence in front of crowds now.

Looking Back
I remember how hard Mrs. Coker’s Physical Science class was. Looking back now, however, I’m thankful. I think she taught me how to write good notes, how to read proficiently, and how to ask intelligent questions.

Looking Ahead
Traveling with my peers here at Academy, using its resources in the exchange programs really inspired me to pursue something similar in college. I’ve gone to France through the school and would love to do it again.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…respect, toughness, and commitment.