Jessica Williams '16

“I've discovered the depth, intellect, and power of my peers.”
Harvard University

Varsity Sailing (Captain), CCGL International Relations Fellows, Honor Council, Varsity Basketball (Captain), Varsity Soccer (Captain)

Most Meaningful Activity
CCGL International Relations Fellows.
Being around a group of people who are as dedicated and impassioned as I hope to be gives me a case of butterflies when I walk into the room, an excitement that is different from simply reading an article. It's a hope and an urge to start tackling problems that are bigger than ourselves individually.

Reflections on Learning
I remember eating turkish delights in 4GA as we read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I still sing my sixth grade science group's song "Eye of the Hurricane" whenever I hear "Eye of the Tiger." And last spring, as I watched my classmates present their Credo projects in English class, I was able to see a different side to people, and I believe it drew us closer as a grade.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
I call LTC Horstman my adopted grandfather. He taught me to always seek out the truth, even if it's not what I want to hear. Besides his stellar pedagogy, he is always ready with a bag of mints, a tissue box, a worn-in chair, and a big hug for whenever a student needs to be reminded that how one conducts oneself in life is much more valuable than one's GPA.

Looking Back
I loved the Girl (or Person) of the Day presentations in Lower School. It builds a necessary foundation for public speaking, leadership in a small community, and an appreciation for your peers.

Looking Ahead
Next year I will be sailing for Harvard on the Charles River and beyond. I plan to concentrate in Government Studies, which is an interdisciplinary field that includes political theory, American politics, comparative politics, and international relations.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is … the camaraderie I share with my fellow classmates, my teachers, and alumni/ae.