Elizabeth Lilly '16

“I’ve loved being trusted as an adult to act, research, and implement.”
Princeton University

CCGL Global Health Fellows, Norfolk Academy Medical Scholars Program, Physicians for Peace Intern, Dance Team, Poetry Out Loud Competitor (3rd in Virginia State Competition)

Most Meaningful Activity
CCGL Global Health Fellows.
I’ve loved being trusted as an adult to act, research, and implement. The program taught me valuable lessons about the power and necessity of interdisciplinary partnerships.

Reflections on Learning
In my Philosophical Literature class we were assigned a philosopher to embody during a class-wide discussion/debate. As "Jean-Paul Sartre," I argued for an existentialist understanding of the world, and verbally sparred with such colleagues as Aristotle and Hegel.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
Mr. Warsaw, my French teacher, prefers that we speak to learn rather than learn to speak. I know that I will be speaking French for the rest of my life, thanks in part to his impact.

Looking Ahead
NA's intensive writing program will no doubt help me immensely in college. I feel confident in my ability to structure any kind of academic writing assignment. I am leaning toward the study of history which has been cultivated by my extracurricular readings, namely Jacob Burckhardt's The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy and Dan Jones' The Plantagenets.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my connection to fellow Bulldogs. I love the feeling I get when performing on stage in front of my classmates, trusting so fully in their support.