Dominique Manuel '16

“One thing I like about Norfolk Academy is that your teachers actually care a lot about you and want to see you do well not only in academics, but also in everyday life.”
Amherst College

Winter Musical, Fine Arts Association (President), Girl Up (Co-President), Counselor at Norfolk Academy After Care Program, Peer Counselor

Most Meaningful Activity
Norfolk Academy Plays and Musicals.
There's a special sense of community that characterizes acting in a Norfolk Academy production. There's nothing quite like it. I've made lots of great friends and exposed myself to the loudest, most lovable personalities.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
Dr. Naujoks is not only hilarious and energetic in class, but she's also passionate about the things that she teaches, which makes her students eager to learn. It's not hard to tell that she loves her job and her students.

Looking Back
I loved participating in the Middle School community service program. As a person who had never done community service before, this really opened up the door to a new interest of mine.

Looking Ahead
Norfolk Academy keeps the fact that every student will be going to college in mind when dealing with academics. It's difficult, but I'm grateful for it because now I am ready to face anything that college might put in my path.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my grit. Norfolk Academy students are tough not only physically, but mentally, just like our mascot!