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With Confidence

Our public speaking program starts in first grade with Boy and Girl of the Day, and the journey culminates with the Senior Speech, an extraordinary rite of passage for every student.

To your teachers

The school’s teacher-coach model is at the heart of the strong bonds that students forge with their teachers throughout their NA journey.

As a sports commentator

NA-TV offers students the chance to deliver play-by-play for athletic events and to learn how to film those events too, whether at home or on the road.

With Dramatic Flair

Students in the Forensics Program learn to present stories, poetry, and original speeches with poise and polish.

As A TV Reporter

Students in Bulldog Bytes write, film, and deliver the week's news in the Lower School. The broadcast keeps everyone riveted!

On Stage

Our drama program begins with grade level plays and the Young People's Theater Program. Middle and Upper School students can dive into fall and spring plays and the Winter Musical.