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Family-style lunch

 Lunch is a bright spot in the day--delicious food, lively conversation with teachers at every table, and fun announcements about clubs, sports, and service activities.

Morning gatherings

The Middle and Upper Schools meet every morning, allowing time for reflection and the delivery of a student speech, as part of the school's Public Speaking Program.

Field Day

Field Day is the school's oldest tradition!  It's a full day of fun and games, performances and friendship.

Cheering on the Dogs

We love supporting our fellow Bulldogs for all sorts of reasons--athletic games, robotics competitions, and arts performances.

Pit Ball

Played in the Kennon Forum (The Pit) in the center of campus, Pit Ball is played by defending your step from contact with a ball using only your feet.

A parade

We kick off Homecoming with a parade around the track.