Chesapeake Bay Fellows

The mission of the Chesapeake Bay Fellows program is to prepare civic leaders to effect the restoration and ultimate conservation of the Chesapeake Bay.  Through an interdisciplinary approach that extends education beyond the classroom (includes working with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation), the program will engage fellows in environmental scholarship incorporating science, English, math, history, political science, and the arts. 

Fellows will learn leadership skills while they study the ecology and history of the Bay; collect, analyze, and publish Bay data; read the works of acclaimed environmental writers; become familiar with the various entities which implement, enforce, and monitor Bay policy (including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation); develop an aesthetic appreciation that acknowledges the value of a healthy Bay; and propose solutions to Bay problems.  Fellows will become life-long advocates for the Chesapeake Bay.

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Engineering, Design and Innovation Fellows

The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellows Program strives to inspire leaders who harness the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math to solve complex problems affecting all communities.  Recognizing the potential for engineering and design to promote equity and improve lives, the program seeks to empower students to develop creative responses to critical infrastructure challenges facing vulnerable populations in Hampton Roads and around the world.

Through empathy-driven design challenges, case study analysis, local partnerships, and peer and professional collaboration, Fellows will develop leadership, project management, and research skills as they work to address issues such as transportation, energy, and sustainability.  Students will work with civic leaders, stakeholders, industry experts, and other Center for Civic and Global Leadership Fellows to design and implement human-centered solutions that support individuals and improve communities.  The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellows Program will grow competent, courageous leaders ready to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

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Global Health Fellows

The Global Health Fellows program serves to educate and inspire high-achieving Norfolk Academy students who desire to understand and improve global health.  Fellows will work alongside Norfolk Academy faculty mentors, explore relevant topics in their liberal arts curriculum, and collaborate with outside agencies to gain understanding of the most acute health issues facing the human community.

Employing an interdisciplinary approach that extends beyond the classroom, Fellows will study global health interventions, particularly in resource-limited settings, via case study analysis, in-country experience, independent research, international peer collaboration, and pre-professional internships.  Fellows will fashion and communicate solutions to the global health issues that interest them most and, ultimately in doing so, will become life-long advocates for addressing health challenges that potentially threaten the human community.

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Global Affairs Fellows

The Global Affairs Fellows program seeks to instill in its participants the desire and skills necessary to make the world a more peaceful and just place.  An understanding of the world beyond one's own borders is fundamental to the preparation of useful and responsible citizens of a democracy.  Accordingly, the Fellows will work to improve their understanding of the world and the role of the United States within it.  In addition to the history and contemporary practice of world politics, the Fellows will also study related subjects such as international law and economics

Extending their exploration beyond the classroom, Fellows will travel internationally and will be exposed to different organizations and institutions, schools of thought, and peer groups.  Fellows will investigate and communicate solutions to issues that interest them most with the aid of faculty and professional mentors.  The end result will be the creation of a new generation of international leaders.

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Literacy Fellows

The Literacy Fellows Program engages high-achieving students to understand, communicate, and solve the national and global issues inextricably linked to literacy. Understanding that abilities with reading and writing are crucial for empowered and responsible citizens, the Literacy Fellows Program serves to advance literacy as a way to break cycles of poverty in Hampton Roads and beyond. Fellows will work alongside Norfolk Academy faculty to grow in their own writing aptitude, while collaborating with outside organizations and communities to gain first-hand knowledge of the far-reaching implications of literacy.

Fellows will extend their work beyond the classroom through travel, community outreach, and internships. The Fellows will work with faculty mentors to study all aspects of reading and writing so that they will be able to work with Hampton Roads residents at all levels of literacy. Knowing that critical literacy can break recurring cycles of poverty in our communities, especially with early childhood education, Fellows will themselves become leading readers and writers who will instruct and empower other citizens to greater levels of literacy, education, and economic opportunity.

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