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The Athletics Department

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  • Aubrey Shinofield 

    Director of Athletics
  • Chad Byler 

    Associate Director of Athletics; Physical Education; Health
  • Antoinette Bailey 

    Head Athletic Trainer, Physical Education, Middle School
  • Joe Ingraham 

    Athletic Trainer

Faculty College Athletes

The following Norfolk Academy faculty members competed at the collegiate level.

Eric Acra
*- Baseball, Washington & Lee University
Lew Affronti - Track and Field (Pole Vault), Duke University
Gregory Barton – Football, Washington & Lee University
Chad Byler *- Baseball, Messiah College
Stephanie Cress *- Softball, Virginia Wesleyan College
Neil Duffy *- Lacrosse, US Naval Academy
Tom Duquette *- Lacrosse, University of Virginia
Michael Duquette *- Tennis, University of Virginia
Brooke Fox * - Soccer, Colgate University
Jack Gibson –Lacrosse, Hampden-Sydney College
Laura Scimeca Gibson */*- Field Hockey & Softball,
        Washington College
Megan Hallberg - Basketball, Middlebury College
Elizabeth Hope – Soccer, Davidson College
Trish Hopkins - Field Hockey and Lacrosse, Longwood College
Graham Hudgins - Wrestling, Washington & Lee University
Michael Hurley * - Soccer, Grinnell College
Elizabeth Johnson - Crew, Colby College
Jason Kastrounis - Soccer, Calvin College
David Kidd - Tennis, Haverford College
Kristin Kirkman *- Swimming, Old Dominion University
Patty Klewans - Synchronized Swimming, University of Pennsylvania
Tim LaVigne* - Baseball, University of Virginia
Betsy Looney * - Gymnastics, Pennsylvania State University
Catherine MCCallum * - Field Hockey, The College of William & Mary
Nick Merklin * - Football, Grinnell College
Bernie McMahon – Track and Field, College of the Holy Cross
Blair Weymouth Monaco * - Lacrosse & Soccer, University of Virginia
Greg Monaco * - Soccer, University of Virginia
Steve Monninger * - Football and Lacrosse, Middlebury College
Maria Kitchin Moore */*- Field Hockey & Lacrosse, Sweet Briar College
Courtney Morrall - Swimming, Cornell University
Chris Nelson - Track, University of Massacusetts
Yonne Nasimiyu * - Volleyball, Stephens College
Shawn Ott - Lacrosse, Western Maryland College
Woody Poole - Soccer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Nick Rahall - Wrestling, United States Naval Academy
Asher Rolfe - Wrestling, Wesleyan University
Chris Runzo - Wrestling, Virginia Tech
Toy Savage – Baseball, Princeton University
Jennifer Scott - Track and Field, University of New Hampshire
Aubrey Shinofield * - Crew, Princeton University
Matthew Sigrist */* - Football and Baseball, Williams College
Lauren Smith - Soccer, Capital University
Nancy Speer * – Swimming, University of Richmond
Ryan Tucker * - Lacrosse, University of Virginia
Gigi Tysinger *- Field Hockey, Davidson College
Mary Werkheiser - Field Hockey and Lacrosse, Lock Haven University
Kim Yager – Track and Field, Auburn University

* - Team Captain