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Young Book Reviewer Receives A Surprising Thank-You

Lower School Librarian Madelyn Kresinske enjoys the art of matching a book to its reader. Just a few weeks ago, One-Third Nerd, a book by Newbery Honor winner Gennifer Choldenko, found itself in the hands of its perfect match, Lexi B. of 3GA.  Haven’t heard of the book? That might be because it isn’t set to be published until January 29th, 2019; however, librarians are, on occasion, sent advanced reader copies (ARCs) of upcoming books.  Mrs. Kresinske often distributes the ARCs she receives to the most voracious young readers in the Lower School.

Lexi was so impressed with the book that she took it upon herself to write her own book review, delivering it to Mrs. Kresinske as soon as she had finished reading.  Delighted by Lexi’s enthusiasm, Mrs. Kresinske sent the review to the book’s publishers at Random House Kids. After a number of individuals from Random House reached out to thank Lexi for her honest thoughts, the editorial staff forwarded the correspondence directly to Choldenko.  A week later, a package arrived for Lexi with a kind note and autographed bookish goodies directly from the author! Choldenko wrote, “I am always on pins and needles waiting to hear what kids will think of a new book. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Lexi’s review of my book.”

Congratulations to Lexi!

Read Lexi’s review below:

"I liked One-Third Nerd because it teaches you a lesson.  The lesson is that when you don't have a lot of money you need to find other ways to help support and take care of your family and of course, your pets.  The kids in the story were really sweet. The best part was when Izzy said that there was a second doctor for Cupcake. My favorite character was Dakota because she was funny and had an interesting sense of humor and I liked that she asked a lot of questions.  I would recommend the book to kids who like to read about sad topics but ones that teach you lessons in a humorous way. Third through fifth graders would enjoy this book. The library should definitely buy this book so that all my classmates can read it!"

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