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In a year when many schools could not produce a yearbook, the staff of Norfolk Academy's yearbook, Horizons, not only delivered a Covid edition--they won a prize for it.

Jostens, the national company that publishes numerous yearbooks for both public and private schools, will give Norfolk Academy its bronze medal recognition at a ceremony this fall, but it sent the school a letter about the achievement.

The co-editors-in-chief of Horizons, Ella Davis '21 and Charlotte Golpira '21, needed ingenuity to pull together a 257-page publication in a year when events were curtailed due to the pandemic. They led the staff in finding new ways to tell the story of the year, said Mary Todd Glascock, faculty advisor for the yearbook. “Their creativity emerged as they worked tirelessly to create spreads to fill the book:  A COVID map, a time capsule, and many additional features." The yearbook cover featured black and white photos of students; the color was provided by bright orange and blue masks, that had been placed on students' faces.

Glascock also noted her admiration for the perseverance and dedication the staff showed, including tackling a new online design program, which added to the challenges of the year. “The publication of the yearbook requires a group effort, and from each student. I see skills emerge, whether they be organizational skills or designs skills," she said. “We are a team in every sense of the word."

It is a school tradition to dedicate the yearbook to a teacher, and the revelation is done as a surprise at Upper School Chapel. This year, the Horizons staff upended tradition by dedicating the book to “the student body." The presentation was made, as all Chapels have been done this year, via a Zoom webinar. “We wish to recognize the student body's determination to follow the safety protocols that allowed Norfolk Academy to participate in on-campus learning," the dedication said. “By avoiding large gatherings, by wearing masks, or simply by washing our hands, our students have taken the safety and well-being of our community to heart."

Congrats to the Horizons staff!

Yearbook cover

Norfolk Academy's yearbook, the Covid Edition, won a bronze medal from the company that publishes yearbooks.

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