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The cover of Horizons, the Norfolk Academy Yearbook, captures the essence of the year through a striking photo montage: Black and white photos of students are arranged in scrapbook style across front and back, with bold orange and blue masks superimposed on the faces.

In a year when many schools across the country had to throw in the towel on producing a yearbook, the Horizons team produced the Covid Edition, a full color, 260-page presentation of the school's 2020-21 academic year, focusing on challenges conquered to accomplish some sense of normalcy.

The “Letter from the Editors" complements the cover art, offering a verbal portrait of the school's transition to distance learning as the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020: “The Year of Courage. A year that no one saw coming. One that placed students in bedroom classrooms, launched teachers into digital curricula, and disrupted everyone's everyday definition of normal. Even so, the students, administration, faculty, staff, and supporters of Norfolk Academy's community have demonstrated profound resilience through it all."

The letter, signed by co-Editors-in-Chief Ella Davis '21 and Charlotte Golpira '21, and Senior Editor Anna Melley '21, closes with a salute to the community's can-do spirit: “As the coronavirus continues to affect us all, we will demonstrate 'strength in the face of pain or grief.' Because, though we couldn't embrace one another on the first day of school, shake Mr. Manning's hand, or gather together in Burroughs Gymnasium, we smiled with our eyes, offered encouraging words to our peers, and built a new legacy of love, unity, perseverance, and courage for Norfolk Academy."

A longstanding Horizons tradition is the dedication of the volume to a faculty or staff member; the written dedication is read aloud at the chapel and a copy is presented to the honoree. This year, the staff dedicated the yearbook to “the student body," saluting the efforts of each individual in contributing to the collective effort to keep the community safe and carry on with optimism.

“The overwhelming positivity exhibited by our students uplifted the spirits of all within our community," the dedication noted. “It inspired everyone to adapt to these new changes and to make the best out of the circumstances. As students, we continued to demonstrate what it means to be a bulldog, evidenced by our empathy and respect for our peers and teachers during one of the most divisive presidential elections in our country's history. The continued level of understanding displayed by the students at Norfolk Academy is inspiring and provides hope for the future unity of our country."

Congratulations to the entire Horizons staff!

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Ella Davis '21, Charlotte Golpira '21

Senior Editor: Anna Melley '21

Staff (alphabetical order by last name): David Alexander; Emma Clark; Henry Clifford; Jordan Epps; Jill Ghormely; Sophia Mirovski; Caleb Peck; Brooke Thornton; Cate Ware

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Mary Todd Glascock


Yearbook editors.

Horizons, the Norfolk Academy yearbook, was entitled the “Covid Edition" for The Year of Courage, academic year 2020-21. Seniors who led the creation of this year's volume, left to right: Senior Editor Anna Melley, Co-Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Golpira, Co-Editor-in-Chief Ella Davis.

Horizons staff in courtyard with the yearbook.

The Horizons staff dedicated the yearbook to the entire student body, highlighting students' optimism, resiliency, and concern for others, as they followed Covid safety protocols to allow a return to in-person learning. 

Cover of Horizons 2020-21

The cover of the Yearbook told the story of the year through a montage of photos with superimposed masks in the school colors.

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