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Literacy Fellows

Literacy Fellows in Norfolk Academy's Batten Leadership Program and members of the Bulldogs' Monogram Club are providing mentorship to students in Virginia Beach public schools.

They’re working with Pembroke Elementary School and Seatack Elementary School, teaming up with third and fourth grade students to help them with reading and writing skills.

Television station WTKR recently highlighted this outreach into the community. In the segment, Literacy Fellows Assistant Director Vanessa Yearick said it’s part of a broader leadership program. Students learn about various issues such as learning discrepancies and then go into the community to help make a change.

Seatack Elementary Teacher Silvia Babcock said the students' mentoring has provided a boost.

“The biggest part is their relationship-building within the school," Babcock said. “So, this building of relationships makes for more confidence, and when you’re confident, you’re more open to learning more.”

Chloe Pausch '24 helps tutor third graders twice a week. She told WTKR they’ve made flashcards to teach vocabulary, and they also practice reading and writing.

“They’re all just ecstatic to see somebody come in and help them one-on-one,” Pausch said. “It’s more like a mentor thing – just having somebody to talk to about their day while they’re doing flashcards.”

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