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Winter Musical

Many of our students shined on the stage recently for the production of our Winter Musical, The Addams Family. 

Between the cast and crew, more than 70 students played a part. That included more than two dozen seniors. 

“I felt both pride and delight in watching the dedication of this cast and crew, as they brought this death-obsessed family to life!" director Caroline Bisi said in the show program. 

The musical, which showed on the Johnson Theater stage from February 11-16, was based off the old television show and magazine cartoon. 

Thank you to everyone who came to watch the show! And congratulations to all our students who helped with the production!

Here's photos from the show so you can keep enjoying. 


NA's 2020 Winter Musical, The Addams Family.

NA's 2020 Winter Musical, The Addams Family.

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