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Coach Ryan Tucker

Varsity Lacrosse Coach Ryan Tucker was a captain of the University of Virginia Lacrosse Team under Hall of Fame coach Dom Starsia.

On Saturday at Wynne-Darden Stadium, the two men will meet as rivals, as Norfolk Academy plays host to the Barons of Blue Ridge School, which is now coached by Starsia, who retired from UVA after 24 seasons.

There's no doubt that Coach Tucker and the Bulldogs are excited. “Dom is coming here. How great is that? Let's go," said Tucker, in an extended interview with UVA's sports desk for an alumni profile.

The feature story touches on Tucker's years at UVA, his years in Major League Lacrosse, the lessons he learned from Starsia, and more recently, from Coach Tom Duquette, who coached Tucker on a championship U.S. Team and handed the reins of Varsity Lacrosse to him. 

Read more in this UVA Alumni Spotlight and Go Bulldogs!

Coach Ryan Tucker in the classroom

In addition to his role as head coach of varsity lacrosse, Coach Ryan Tucker teaches Middle School English and coaches JV boys soccer.

Varsity Lacrosse Coach Ryan Tucker played at UVA under Hall of Fame Coach Dom Starsia. The two will face one another on Saturday in a match between NA and the Blue Ridge School, now coached by Starsia.

Coach Ryan Tucker

The Bulldogs are back on the field this spring, after the Covid-19 pandemic cancelled last spring's athletic competitions.

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