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Joe Ingraham

Varsity girls basketball players hosted a touching Someone Special Night on Friday, January 28, as they paid tribute to loved ones who have helped them during their athletic journeys. 

Many of our student-athletes hold ceremonies like this over the course of the year, honoring family, friends, and teacher-coaches. On Someone Special Night, each girl dedicates the game to someone who has supported them and offered kindness.

Additionally, the team honored Coach Joe Ingraham, who serves as an athletic trainer for many of Academy's athletics teams and teaches physical education.

“Our girls are thrilled to be able to dedicate their efforts to you tonight as a thank you for what you mean to them," Head Coach Neil Duffy said.

The inspiration for this tribute derived from a humbling gesture by one of Coach Duffy's former student-athletes. Coach Duffy asked if he could take that thoughtfulness and pay it forward. He developed the idea to invite his student-athletes to dedicate a game to someone who has helped, supported, and offered kindness to them along the way.

Thank you to all for your positive impact on these student-athletes! 

Addy Hennessy: Mrs. Stacy Hennessy

Sophie Ott: Mrs. Sarah Smythe (Director of Admissions)

Lizzie Adams: Mr. Hunter Adams '91

Gabby Harvey: Coach Kirstyn Norris

Abigail Smith: Mr. Jack-Henry Smith '17

Gretchen Scott: Mrs. Jennifer Scott (Director of College Counseling)

Sarah Jacobs: Mr. David Jacobs

Carrie DeLeon: Mr. John DeLeon

Lily Stockwell: Mrs. Michelle Adams '91

Natalie Fowler: Coach Antoinette Bailey (Head Athletic Trainer)

Jessica Ezieme: Dr. Linda Mathison-Ezieme

Emma Clark: Mr. Don Clark '86

Mills Everett: Mr. Shawn Everett

Ann Randolph Furr: Coach Carter Furr '17 (Middle School Teaching Associate)

Sarah Bazil: Mr. Brian Bazil

Lauren Weinstein: Mrs. Dena Weinstein

Coach Olivia Fox: Mr. Matthew Robertson '93 (Batten Library Media Specialist, Volleyball Coach)

Coach Carter Furr '17: Mr. Jeff Boyd (Middle School Director)

Team: Coach Joe Ingraham (Athletic Trainer)

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