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Upper School students involved in band, orchestra, chorus, art, and theater were honored on April 30 during a Fine Arts Awards Chapel. This celebration came one day after Arts Festival Day, which shined a light on the fine arts. 

THE BAND AWARD, for senior instrumentalists who have shown outstanding dedication and ability in Upper School Band Program. William Cole, Chloe Pausch

THE ORCHESTRA AWARD, for the senior musician who has, throughout her Upper School career, demonstrated consistent professionalism while working and performing in a large musical ensemble. Sophie Pollio

THE CHORAL MUSIC AWARD, for the senior vocalist who has shown outstanding dedication and vocal ability in the Upper School Chorus. Natalie Tajan

THE ART HISTORY AWARD, for senior students who demonstrate passion for, and an exceptional ability in, the study of art history. Rachael Buchanan, Sydney Joynt 

THE VISUAL ARTS AWARD, for senior artists who, inside and outside of class, strive to Improve their natural creativity, do projects of their own design, and encourage others by their focused example. Lucy Avery, Emilie Beasley, Cate Gusentine 

THE ACADEMY PLAYERS AWARD, for senior actors who have shown outstanding commitment and consistency in the development of the Academy Players play productions. Areen Syed, Susie Guzik 

THE BEHIND THE SCENES AWARD, for senior students who have shown outstanding support of the technical, visual, or scenic elements that go into creating a production. Rhea Khanna, Hunter Wheary, Julian Burke 

THE MUSICAL THEATER AWARD, for senior performers who have shown creative accomplishments and commitment in pursuing excellence in the Winter Musical. Zoë Jones, Ann Gray Golpira

THE OUTSTANDING NEWCOMER TO THE WINTER MUSICAL AWARD, for an Upper School student who has demonstrated leadership, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in her first Winter Musical production. Allie Keffer '26

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