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Tunstall Student Council members for 2023-24 were inducted on Tuesday, August 29, during Upper School Chapel in Johnson Theater.

President Joe Bakkar '24 spoke about the Council's role, which is to energize the student body for important events like Homecoming, dances, fundraisers, and service projects. As this is the Year of Integrity on campus, Joe also spoke about the Council's responsibility to boost community spirit, which in turn helps produce integrity, he said.

He asked students to think of integrity as a math equation: Honor + Morality + Community = Integrity.

"The Tunstall Student Council strives to preserve and unite relationships that we share in this space," he said.

English Teacher Charlotte Zito '99 serves as faculty advisor for the Tunstall Student Council.

2023-24 Tunstall Student Council

  • Executive President: Joe Bakkar '24
  • Executive Vice President: Richard Hope '24  
  • Executive Treasurer: Isaac Zito '26 
  • Executive Secretary: Sam Shumadine '25 

Class of 2024 

  • President: Srivarun Hathwar  
  • Vice President: Ryan Evans  
  • Treasurer: Reece Newman  
  • Secretary: Rhea Khanna  

Class of 2025

  • President: CJ Murray  
  • Vice President: Will Howerton  
  • Treasurer: Charlie Dailey  
  • Secretary: Brooke DiGeronimo 

Class of 2026 

  • President: Kiran Folck  
  • Vice President: Aarush Desai  
  • Treasurer: Davis Steadman  
  • Secretary: Luke Buchanan  
The 2023-24 Tunstall Student Council was installed on August 29, 2023.

The 2023-24 Tunstall Student Council was installed on August 29, 2023.

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