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Tunstall Student Council members for 2022-23 were inducted Tuesday in Johnson Theater, promising to uphold their duties as leaders of the Upper School.

“I am confident all members of the TSC will lead through example of strong character," said English Teacher Charlotte Zito '99, faculty advisor for the council.

President Rylan Goss '23 addressed the Upper School, promising that the council will plan traditional events like Prom, fundraisers, and service projects, and would set examples by taking steps like cleaning around campus.

“Through these and many more memorable and meaningful events, the student council and I want to make this year full of opportunities to connect," Rylan said.

Headmaster Dennis Manning has emphasized the importance of building and strengthening connections in this Year of Kindness at school. Rylan vowed that council will do its part, but added that the best way to truly increase connectivity is for all students to reach out beyond their comfort zones.

“Norfolk Academy is a great place with many opportunities to affect the lives of others," he said. "Join clubs and invest yourselves in community service and connection with new friends."

Rylan closed with a simple reminder to be kind to others. “Make this year one to remember," he said. 

2022-23 Tunstall Student Council

Executive Officers  

  • President: Rylan Goss '23  
  • Vice President: Bennett Yue '23  
  • Secretary: Sam Shumadine '24 
  • Treasurer: Jude Carroll '25  
  • Executive Representative: Areen Syed '24

Senior Class  

  • President: Lucas Knapp  
  • Vice President: David Glassman 
  • Secretary: Rebecca Schill  
  • Treasurer: Will Ward  
  • Class Representative: Gerald Thomas  

Junior Class  

  • President: Joe Bakkar  
  • Vice President: Richard Hope  
  • Secretary: Srivirun Hathwar  
  • Treasurer: Marin Soderberg  
  • Class Representative: Ryan Evans   

Sophomore Class  

  • President: C.J. Murray  
  • Vice President: Will Howerton  
  • Secretary: Brooke DiGeronimo  
  • Treasurer: Jacob Gonzales  
  • Class Representative: Charlie Dailey 
Members of the 2022-23 Tunstall Student Council are inducted on August 30, 2022.

Members of the 2022-23 Tunstall Student Council are inducted on August 30, 2022.

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