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The Honor System is a hallmark of school life at Norfolk Academy, so much so, that Headmaster Dennis Manning calls it “the taproot of the institution."

From their first day of first grade on, students learn the values of integrity and ethical conduct. During their Lower School years, students expand their sense of honor through the honor pledge, and through building open, honest relationships with peers and teachers. In Middle and Upper School, they learn that greater freedom means maintaining the responsibility of honorable conduct.

The Royster and Tunstall Honor Councils are at the center of instruction in honor at the upper levels. Led by students with guidance from faculty, the councils reinforce values and build a strong community.

Each spring, students choose the councils for the following academic year. Even in distance learning, this year was no different.

Tunstall Honor Council for 2020-21

  • Maddie Brooks '21; Ella Deans '21; Tyler O'Boyle '21; Kai Wang '22, Avery Britt '22; Anna Russell '23; Liam Sullivan '23.

Maddie is Chair of the Honor Council. This student traditionally makes a speech early in the school year that sets the agenda for the year ahead.

Royster Honor Council for 2020-21

  • Van Deans '24; Plyler Hunter '24; Lily Stockwell '24; Olivia Crocker '25; Xander Dukas '25; Tessa Chavez '26; Nethan Liyanage '26. 

This group will elect a Chair at its first meeting of the upcoming school year.

Please read more about our Honor System and how it helps students of all ages.  


2020-21 Tunstall Honor Council

2020-21 Tunstall Honor Council

2020-21 Royster Honor Council

2020-21 Royster Honor Council

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