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The Tunstall Division held its annual awards ceremony, known formally as encaenia, a term derived from medieval England for a ceremony to confer academic awards accompanied by the recitations of poems and essays.

Despite the title, this year's ceremony was thoroughly modern in the now-familiar way: It was conducted May 11 via a Zoom webinar with slides of the students earning awards. Headmaster Dennis Manning opened with an invocation and expressions of gratitude for the faculty, led by the administrative team of Associate Headmaster and Upper School Director Linda Gorsline; Assistant Director and Dean of Students, Eric Acra; and Assistant Director Sarah Goodson.

In his remarks to open and close the ceremony, he noted that in the Year of Courage, faculty and students had demonstrated an abundance of that salient trait.

The ceremony opened with the induction of new members of the Cum Laude Society, membership in which signifies academic achievement. The top 10% of a class may be elected at the end of the junior year, and up to a total of 20% of a class at the end of the senior year. The inductees were announced by Ella Deans, president of the Cum Laude Society. 

Seniors inducted into the Cum Laude Society this spring (alphabetical order): Erin Clayton, Olivia Danielson, Emma Howerton, Alexandra Kerr, Christy Luecke, Frank Mercer IV, Mac Moore, Lydia Sweeney, Keon Tavakoli, Matthew Wetmore.

Juniors inducted this spring (alphabetical order): Avery Britt, Abby Fernandez, Selden Fiveash, Olivia Galiotos, Gavin Goss, Sarah Jacobs, Toria Kauffman, Madalyn Mejia, Reed Ramirez, David Smythe, Kristen Tan, Kai Wang.

Seniors who were inducted last spring (the current membership of Cum Laude): Christopher Asuncion, Blake Brown, Maddie Brooks, Ella Deans, Grayson Fiveash, Leila Jamali, Caitlin Johnson, Sidney Jordan, Leo Kamer, Reed Miller, Braeden Shepheard.

National Merit Scholarship Program, Commendation Winners, all in the Class of 2021 (scoring in the top 5% of the 1.4 million participants in taking the PSAT): Christopher Asuncion; Ella Deans; Leo Kamer; Christy Luecke; Reed Miller; Mac Moore; Braeden Shepheard; Keon Tavakoli.

National Merit African American Recognition Program: Frank Mercer IV '21

The Advanced Placement Scholar Award (for earning scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams). All students are in the Class of 2021: Ella Davis, Caitlin Johnson, Alexandra Kerr, Maddie Lester, Max Pollio, Anaiya Roberts, Braeden Shepheard, Caroline Suber, Lydia Sweeney, Virginia Ames Tillar.

The Advanced Placement Scholar with Honor Award (for earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and a score of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams). All students are in the Class of 2021: Christopher Asuncion, Emma Howerton, Leo Kamer, Christy Luecke, Reed Miller.

The Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction Award (for earning an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and a score of 3 or higher on five or more exams). All students are in the Class of 2021: Blake Brown, Mac Moore, Keon Tavakoli.

Princeton Book Award: David Smythe '22

Harvard Book Award: Avery Britt '22

Yale Book Award: Toria Kauffman '22

Jefferson Book Award: Abby Fernandez '22

Washington and Lee University Book Award: Sarah Jacobs '22

William & Mary Leadership Award: Madalyn Mejia '22

Wellesley Book Award: Millie Van Slyke '22

Tulane Book Award: Corey Brooks '22

VMI Book Award: Ben Roberts '22

Randolph College Book Award: Averell Stith '22

High Point University Book Award: Lilly Savin '22

Sweet Briar College Book Award: Sydnie Simon '22

William Perry Moore IV Award: Luke Iacobucci '23

Statesman Award: Christy Luecke '21

Academic Achievement in Psychology Award: Ella Deans '21

W. Peyton May Award (Study of Economics): Reed Ramirez '22

The Rensselaer Medal: Kai Wang '22

Students who will be attending Summer Residential Governor's Schools in 2021 were recognized. They are as follows:

Angela Hamlin '22, Visual and Performing Arts

Noah Howell '23, Math, Science, and Technology

Madalyn Mejia '22, Humanities

Zoey Alperin '22, World Language Academy for French

Toria Kauffman '22, World Language Academy for German

Jack Tignor '22, World Language Academy for Japanese

Norfolk Academy students participated in the national Test of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science, better known as the TEAMS competition, and dominated the state event with wins in both high school categories.

10th Grade, Team 1, First Place in the 9th-10th Grade Category: Micah Baum, Quinn Carroll, Lee McElligott, Jen Yuan

10th Grade, Team 2, Second Place in the 9th-10th Grade Category: Vignesh Akkina, Bella Burr, Noah Howell, Mitchell Moore

11th Grade, Team 1, First in overall state competition: Gavin Goss, Toria Kauffman, David Smythe, James Thompson

11th Grade, Team 2, Seventh in overall state competition: Avery Britt, Emma Fix, Keira Mann, Madalyn Mejia

12th Grade, Team 1, Second Place in overall state competition: Blake Brown, Olivia Danielson, Sidney Jordan, Harrison Summers

12th Grade, Team 2, Sixth Place in overall state competition: Christopher Asuncion, Leila Jamali, Leo Kamer, Lydia Sweeney

The G.S. Hobbs Jr. Service Award honors Tunstall organizations that have enhanced the life of the community through selfless service. Two clubs tied for the award: REACH/Interact, Jennifer Permenter  '21, president; One Love, Molly Ruffin '21 and Maddie Brooks '21, co-presidents.

Student Community Service Awards were give to students who completed and logged 30 or more hours of community service and received Gold Level Awards: Lydia Sweeney '21 (86 hours) and Frank Mercer IV '21 (125 hours).

Mr. Manning closed the ceremony by noting that independent schools have the freedom to define themselves as institutions. He noted that although students earn awards and distinguished college placements, the school's purpose is not focused on that.

“We are ultimately a place of the heart, mind, and soul," he said. “The Honor System is the most important institution within the institution." 

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