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Spring Athletics Recap: Six TCIS Tournament Titles, State and National Acclaim

Norfolk Academy enjoyed a highly successful spring athletics season, earning six TCIS Tournament titles, a state championship, and numerous national achievements. 

While these achievements are memorable, they do not define what it means to be part of the Academy athletics program, Director of Athletics Chad Byler said at a year-end celebration.

“At Norfolk Academy, our approach to athletics transcends mere scoreboards and victories," Byler said. “It's not solely about winning. It's about fostering meaningful connections with yourself, your family, your friends. Can you confidently meet your friends knowing you've been a supportive teammate? Can you affirm you've given your absolute best every single day? If you can do that with genuine love in your heart, then you embody the essence of being a Bulldog." 


  • Coaches: Tim LaVigne, Evan Mitchell, Paul Shows
  • TCIS Regular Season & Tournament Champions
  • VISAA State Quarterfinalists
  • Most Valuable Player: CJ Murray '25
  • Coaches' Award: Plyler Hunter '24
  • VISAA All-State 1st Team: CJ Murray '25
  • VISAA All-State 2nd Team: Plyler Hunter '24  
  • TCIS 1st Team: Matt Camardella '24, Plyler Hunter '24, CJ Murray '25
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Cooper Tyszko '24
  • TCIS Coach of the Year: Tim LaVigne

Boys lacrosse

  • Coaches: Ryan Tucker, Neil Duffy, Jack Gibson '08, Griffin Hanes  
  • TCIS Regular Season and Tournament Champions
  • VISAA State Quarterfinalists
  • Most Valuable Player: Charlie Violette '24
  • Most Improved Player: Tate Zimmerman '24
  • All-Prep League: Charlie Violette '24, Lee Acra '24, Luke Shinofield '24, Ashton Crocker '27
  • VISAA All-State 1st Team: Charlie Violette '24
  • VISAA All-State 2nd Team: Luke Shinofield '24
  • TCIS 1st Team: Lee Acra '24, Jack Chesson '24, Luke Shinofield '24, Charlie Violette '24, Nathan Chay '25, Will Foley '25
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Richard Hope '24, Jack Payne '25

Boys tennis

  • Coaches: Mike Duquette '99, Sam Steingold '85  
  • TCIS Regular Season & Tournament Champions
  • VISAA State Quarterfinalists
  • Most Valuable Player: Joseph Hobbs '25
  • Most Improved Player: Will Howerton '25
  • VISAA State Co-Player of the Year: Joseph Hobbs '25
  • VISAA All-State 2nd Team: Julian Burke '24
  • TCIS Coach of the Year: Mike Duquette '99
  • TCIS Player of the Year: Joseph Hobbs '25
  • TCIS 1st Team Singles: Julian Burke '24, Will Howerton '25
  • TCIS 2nd Team Singles: Lucas Varverud '25
  • TCIS 2nd Team Doubles: Oliver Coleman '24, Marcus Cancado '27 


  • Coaches: Katie Roberts, Dan Garbutt, Miranda Brown, Debra Grell, Destin Rodgers '19, Alexa Williams  
  • EVSRA Championship Thomson Cup winners
  • Boys VASRA Division II State Champions
  • Boys MV4+: Bronze medalists, SRAA National Championships; 4th place, Stotesbury Cup Regatta; VASRA State Champions
  • Boys M2V4+: 3rd place, VASRA State Championships 
  • Girls W4Jr+: 5th place, Stotesbury Cup Regatta, 3rd place, VASRA State Championships
  • Boys Coaches' Award: Ethan Eveleigh '24
  • Boys Most Valuable Rower: Carter Lucas '24
  • Girls Most Valuable Rower: Lucy Baughman '24
  • Girls Coaches’ Award: Yasmin Danso '24

Girls lacrosse

  • Coaches: Blair Monaco, Lily Ford, Kirstyn Norris
  • TCIS Regular Season Champions
  • TCIS Tournament Runners-Up  
  • Most Valuable Player: Cooper Cutchins '25
  • Coaches' Award: Leah Avery '24
  • TCIS 1st Team: Cooper Cutchins '25, Eliza Everett '26, Allie Tyszko '27
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Leah Avery '24, Brooke Bettencourt '24, Josie Saffold '25

Girls soccer

  • Coaches: Rich Peccie, Kevin Denson, David Hirschler '70, KP Yeager
  • VISAA State Semifinalists
  • TCIS Regular Season & Tournament Champions
  • Most Valuable Player: Addy Hennessy '25
  • Most Improved Player: Sarah Morolari '24
  • VISAA All-State 1st Team: Gretchen Scott '24, Addy Hennessy '25, Maria Delyannis '26
  • TCIS Player of the Year: Addy Hennessy '25
  • TCIS 1st Team: Gretchen Scott '24, Maria Delyannis '26
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Sarah Bazil '24, Adaline Scott '26


  • Coaches: Dave Cameron, Tommy Hudgins '72 
  • TCIS Tournament: 3rd place
  • All-TCIS: Ryan Evans '24, Nicholas VanderWilt '25, Max Bradshaw '28
  • Coaches’ Awards: Ryan Evans '24, Srivarun Hathwar '24


  • Coaches: Tom Etheridge, Makalynne Dyer  
  • ISSA Baker Team Race National Championship: 9th place
  • MASSA Team Championship: 2nd place
  • MASSA Fleet Championship: 5th place
  • VISA Team Race Championship: 2nd place
  • VISA Girls Championship: 2nd place
  • Most Valuable Sailor: Jack Poynter '25
  • Most Improved Player: Hunter Wheary '24


  • Coaches: Cecelia Howard '14, Scott Fowler, Josh Gooch
  • TCIS Tournament Quarterfinalists 
  • Most Valuable Player: Sophie Pollio '24
  • Coaches' Award: Reagan Bandy '24
  • TCIS 1st Team: Sophie Pollio '24, Caroline Chastain '25, Elise-Marie Standing '26  
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Mia Clarkson '25

Track and field

  • Coaches: Patrick Fernando '93, Anthony Church, Betsy Guzik, Margaret Marshall, Zach Minor '18, Bob Needham, Kerrie Stacks, Ellie Vest '16  
  • Boys: TCIS Champions, VISAA 6th place, VPL 5th place 
  • Girls: TCIS Champions, VISAA 9th place (tie), LIS 3rd place  
  • VISAA Champion: Taylor Kulow '27 (high jump)
  • VISAA All-State: Sophie Pollio '24 (shot put), Taylor Kulow '27 (high jump), Dylan Defoor '24 (100m dash, 200m dash), Tommy Tan '24 (300m hurdles), Chance Stuart '25 (shot put)
  • LIS Championship Field MVP: Taylor Kulow '27 
  • LIS Champion: Taylor Kulow '27 (high jump)
  • TCIS Championship Overall MVP: John Grunwald '24
  • Boys Most Valuable Field Athlete: Chance Stuart '25
  • Boys Most Valuable Running Athlete: Dylan Defoor '24
  • Boys Coaches’ Award: John Grunwald '24
  • Girls Most Valuable Field Athlete: Taylor Kulow '27
  • Girls Most Valuable Running Athlete: Jane Earp '27
  • Girls Coaches’ Award: Madison Kay '24

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