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Norfolk Academy's Varsity Girls Basketball Team said thank you on Friday, January 26, giving a little extra effort to honor loved ones during their Someone Special game.

An annual tradition, the players and coaches take time on this night to celebrate individuals who have inspired and supported them during their basketball journeys. The inspiration for this tribute stems from a humbling gesture by one of Teacher-Coach Neil Duffy's former student-athletes. Coach Duffy asked him if he could take his thoughtfulness and pass it along.

The team collectively honored Strength and Conditioning Coach Paul Carrezola, who has worked with Bulldog teams of all ages in all three athletics seasons and the summer since he joined the NA family in 2022.

The girls then took a moment to thank their Someone Special, a list that included family members, friends, teachers, and coaches. The Bulldogs closed the night with a strong victory!

  • Maria Delyannis: Coach Eric Acra
  • Gretchen Scott: Coach Sarah Goodson
  • Lizzie Adams: Mr. Jon Bass
  • Lauren Harvey: Dr. Valerie Harvey
  • Carey Boone: Dr. Dee Dee Boone
  • Carrie DeLeon: Coach Olivia Fox
  • Lucy Wilson: Dr. Grayson Bryant
  • Addy Hennessy: Mammy
  • Natalie Tajan: Mr. Bobby Tajan
  • Cooper Cutchins: Mr. Chip Cutchins
  • Bridgid Gross: Coach Bess Oswald
  • Andersen Legum: Coach Dave Cameron
  • Sallie Clarke Roberts: Mr. Tommy Roberts
  • Mills Everett: Mrs. Stacy Hennessy
  • Ann Randolph Furr: Ms. Grace Marshall
  • Brooke Bettencourt: Coach Mary Werkheiser
  • Ayla Eden Kell: Coach Brittany Hulsey
  • Coach Amanda Cheney: Miss Alanni Cheney
  • Coach Olivia Fox: Coach Amanda Cheney
  • Team: Coach Paul Carrezola


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