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Sixth graders studying the Holocaust heard lessons on February 26 from Wendy Juren Auerbach '78 and retired Lower School Teacher Gail Flax, who are part of a team that developed on a new anthology and podcast series on WHRO that shares stories of Holocaust survivors.

On February 26, Auerbach and Flax taught students about Kitty Saks, who escaped from Austria to Belgium after her family's home was seized. To avoid capture, Kitty needed to separate from her parents and live in Catholic schools for about five years, until Belgium was liberated from the Nazi regime. Sadly, her grandparents, who stayed in Austria, were killed.

Saks lived an impressive life after her escape. After World War II, her family immigrated to Norfolk. Though she could not speak English, she enrolled in city public schools. She later married, worked, overseeing the family clothing business, and volunteered for many organizations and causes. Later in life, she took on supporting continued education and discussion of The Holocaust. She lived to be 88 years old, passing away in 2021. 

Alumni will learn much more about the anthology and the work of Auerbach, Flax, and a host of others with NA connections in the upcoming Academy Magazine, which will be in mailboxes in March. 

To watch the podcast, visit WHRO's site

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