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As the Senior Speech Finals commenced via Zoom videoconferencing, Dr. David Rezelman, director of the Speech Program, greeted seniors, faculty, and the judging panel from his solo perch on the stage of the Johnson Theater. 

Before the three finalists--Michael Hostutler, Juliet Lancey, and Sean Miller-- delivered their speeches from their homes, Dr. Rezelman announced the 11 seniors who had been recognized as Speakers of Distinction for the grades they had received.

Leah Smith, who placed fourth, popped onto Zoom from her home to introduce each of the finalists, maintaining a longstanding practice in the Speech Finals ceremony. The rest of the Speakers of Distinction are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Sahib Chandi (delivered via Zoom)
  • Drew Duffy
  • Ava Foy
  • J.R. Herman
  • Dylan Pausch (delivered via Zoom)
  • William Smythe
  • Kerri Thornton (delivered via Zoom)
  • Connor Tiffany
  • Ben Walling
  • Ali Zaidi

The judges for the competition were Mr. Justin Hunsaker, a senior vice president at KeyBank; Richard H. Immerman, professor and distinguished faculty fellow emeritus at Temple University; and Mara Vorachek-Warren, dean of arts, humanities, and social sciences at St. Charles Community College.

The award for the top speaker, known as the Class of 1952 Award (marking the first year of the Senior Speech Program), will be given at Graduation, which is tentatively scheduled for July 26 with an alternate date in December. 

Please read more about our Speech Program.


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