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Linda Gorsline

Mrs. Linda Gorsline serves as Associate Headmaster at Norfolk Academy, and she has served as Director of the Upper School since 2002. Mrs. Gorsline came to Norfolk Academy as a math teacher in 1990, after teaching in the Virginia Beach public schools; she continues to teach AB calculus. Mrs. Gorsline earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and an M.Ed. from Old Dominion University.

In Norfolk Academy’s Year of Belonging, she offered some thoughts on the school year ahead…

What are you most excited about for this school year?

I am looking forward to the activities and initiatives that bring the Tunstall Division together. We have already had our Tunstall Olympiad, which starts with summer reading book talks between faculty and students. That always gets the year off to a great start!

What is a favorite memory from your own high school experience?

High school dances, football games, and building the Homecoming float. I also still think about two teachers, my Calculus teacher, Mrs. Knack, who taught the beauty of mathematics and Mrs. Alcorn, my sophomore English teacher, who taught me a lot about myself.

What are some tools or tips for success in the Upper School?

Meet with your teachers. Use your free time to complete work, but also to talk with peers. Attend as many performances and games as you can!

What have you learned in your career in education that has been the most valuable to you?

Teenagers are the most enjoyable, energetic, open, and kind age-group you could ever have the opportunity to spend time with.

Your passion for math is well-known in the Upper School! What do you think is distinctive about NA’s approach to math?

The best thing about our math program is that we have developed a program/sequence that allows for student success.

In the school’s Year of Belonging, what are some things that you’d like to see Upper School students doing in regard to fostering a sense of belonging?

We could do more Olympiad-like events.

Maymester launches this year, after much planning! How do you think it will change the Upper School experience?

The end of the year will be exciting and celebratory. Rather than taking exams and leaving, students and faculty will embark on common experiences that will be shared with the rest of the community.

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