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The fall exhibit in Norfolk Academy's Perrel Art Gallery celebrates the school's Year of Kindness, bringing together four artists together in one dynamic presentation.

Titled Four of a Kind, the exhibit shares works from Hampton Roads artists Leigh Anne Chambers, Tammy Deane, Sheila Giolotti, and Karen Rudd. Curator Betsy DiJulio, Upper School Art Teacher, notes that the show is a compilation of non-objective--or virtually non-objective--paintings that, on the surface, appear decorative and merely formal. However, each painting resonates for each artist at a deeply personal level.

The word kindness has roots in the word kin, as in family, DiJulio said. It is in a spirit of kinship that these four artists come together. They are diverse yet complimentary in style. 

This show opened to students as classes began in August. Families and alumni will have the chance to take it in during Homecoming weekend, October 20-22. The gallery will be open for viewing on October 20, around the time that students will perform the Fall Play next door in Johnson Theater.

Families are also invited to check out the gallery any day after school, when doors are open.

Students and classes have been visiting the gallery regularly. The exhibit provides rich opportunities to get lost in the worlds the artists have created, DiJulio said. It offers inspiration for teaching any subject, allowing for responses through writing, drawing, movement, music, and more.

The fall exhibit will remain open through October 28. The winter exhibit, Pond Series by Jean Benvenuto, is scheduled to open in mid-November. 

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