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Mark Lynch joins the Norfolk Academy family as an Upper School Math Teacher. Dr. Lynch earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Louisiana State University, worked at the National Security Agency for two years, and then spent the past 34 years teaching all levels of mathematics at Millsaps College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He has taught freshman and advanced courses, and he developed new courses in mathematical statistics, chaos theory, and fuzzy set theory. His interests include kayaking, hiking, and climbing.

To help you better get to know NA's new faculty, each of them answered a few questions about their careers and interests.

Why become a teacher? 

I often had to think about mathematics in my own way because many times I thought the text's explanations were overcomplicated. I thought I could do better. Many of my research papers were written by looking at things a different way. 

What excites you about NA? 

Its excellent reputation and friendly atmosphere. When I taught a calculus lesson during my interview, the class knew I was nervous and after working several homework problems, a girl in front gave me a discreet thumbs up and whispered encouragement. 

Favorite activity? 

Climbing tall pine trees (the ones without limbs) and rappelling down as fast as possible. I have to wear welder’s gloves because of the heat.   

Fun fact about you students might find interesting? 

I don’t have a middle name. I’m the sixth in my family and I guess they ran out of ideas by the time they got to me. 

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