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Betsy DiJulio begins in 2020-21 as an Art Instructor for Upper and Middle School.

Academic background:

B.A., University of Southern Mississippi
M.A., Vanderbilt University
M.S. Ed., The George Washington University

Additional experience:

Ms. DiJulio comes to us from Virginia Beach's Princess Anne High School, where she taught art and art history for many years. She is an award-winning, National Board Certified, high school art/art history teacher and artist. She also is a cookbook author and blogger, and widely published freelance writer/columnist on topics of art and art education, home and garden design, food, eco-issues, artisanal businesses, and day-hiking. Her culinary memoirs have been published by Alimentum, and featured on WHRO's Writer's Block. Her first cookbook, The Blooming Platter: A Harvest of Seasonal Vegan Recipes, was published by Vegan Heritage Press in 2010. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern Mississippi, Honors College. She later earned a Master’s in art history from Vanderbilt and a postgraduate degree from George Washington University.

Tell us why you wanted to become an educator:
To share my passion for learning about the world - its people, places, and ideas - through art, to ignite and foster that passion in students, and to make a difference in that world. 

What most excites you about working at Norfolk Academy?
The opportunity to contribute to a community that has received 100 percent positive raves from the hundreds of people who have reached out to me after learning of my new position. 

Norfolk Academy is unique because…
It would have sounded corny before I experienced it, but the incredible sense of love, caring, and friendship that everyone exudes. For example, when Assistant to the Headmaster Jane Smack writes “Dear Friends," she means it!

Last book read:
My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell. Set at a private boarding school, it digs into tough psychological terrain related to the “Me Too" movement.

What do you like to do in your own time/when you’re not working? 
Day hike, make art, write, play/snuggle with our dogs Patsy and Urban, cook, watch films, entertain.

Favorite food? 
I am vegan, so my partner would say “leaves and grass," but I would say any of the creative cuisine prepared by Chef Christian and his team! I am also a food blogger/recipe developer who is currently wild about Sichuan hot chili oil - on everything!

A movie is being made about your life. Who would they cast to play you?
Maybe Meg Ryan (who is also a photographer), Reese Witherspoon (“Wild"), Jodi Foster, or Katie Holmes. But I flatter myself!

Fun fact your students might find surprising:
My Great Dane, the late Huff, starred in a 2012 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl (aka Supper Bowl) commercial that won $1 million for my friend, the director!

“When I grow up, I want to be…”
A better version of who and what I am now.

Betsy DiJulio is an Art Instructor for Upper and Middle schools.

Betsy DiJulio is an Art Instructor for Upper and Middle schools.

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