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Norfolk Academy's student-led broadcasting channel, NA-TV, is covering Bulldog sports action throughout this most unusual school year, giving students valuable learning experience and families a way to watch student-athletes compete.

Students interested in journalism, communications, technology, and sports have been participating in NA-TV broadcasts since the channel launched in 2016. With guidance from teacher-coach Ed Patterson, who is NA's Director of Academic Technology, and play-by-play veteran Robbie Adams, students run their own broadcasts, serving as both announcers and with off-camera responsibilities. 

During each athletic season, the students deliver many home varsity events to fans and friends around the world. They are responsible for every aspect of production, including training, researching opponents, camera operation, audio mixing, online graphics, and commentary. Students also record and edit school news updates that are played during breaks in the action.

These popular offerings are even more valuable this year. Among the many safety measures that Norfolk Academy is taking amid the worldwide pandemic, only a limited number of visitors are allowed on campus for athletics events. During the fall season - which is taking place in February and early March this topsy-turvy year - two adult family members per NA player are allowed on campus, for outdoor varsity contests only. 

NA-TV allows many more family members and friends to watch from the comfort of home. And, NA-TV is covering more than just varsity action. Since winter season - which took place in December and January - the students have broadcast both varsity and junior varsity games, as well as middle school intramural contests. 

During some weeks, the NA-TV team broadcasts every day. On some days, the team covers multiple sports.

While providing valuable viewing for families, NA-TV is valuable education for students. More than a few alumni have continued to explore journalism in college, either as reporters for various media outlets or through social media.

Please see the upcoming NA-TV schedule on the team webpage. You can learn more from the NA-TV Instagram page, @realnatv. 

Student-led NA-TV broadcasts Bulldog athletic events.

Student-led NA-TV broadcasts Bulldog athletic events.

Student-led NA-TV broadcasts Bulldog athletic events.

Student-led NA-TV broadcasts Bulldog athletic events.

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