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Jackie Evelyn

Jackie Evelyn began her teaching career in 2005 and two years later moved to Norfolk Academy to teach first grade boys. She has lived around the world while her father served as a General in the Marine Corps. Because of her significant travel experience and exposure to various cultures, Mrs. Evelyn is able to share a global perspective with her students.  

Teacher - First Grade Boys

Department and Program Affiliations:
Lower School

Academic background:
B.A., Elementary Education, California State University, Chico

Previously Coached Volleyball, Young People’s Theater Program (YPTP), and MyTeachingPartner (MTP) with UVA (Professional Development)

How long have you been at Norfolk Academy?
This is my 13th year at Norfolk Academy.

Tell us why you wanted to become an educator:  
I simply love children. It is a joy each day to come to work. The students always make me laugh, warm my heart, and make each day enjoyable. I admire the way they forgive, the look on their face with they learn something new, and the way their body lights up when they laugh. I always loved my teachers growing up and they inspired me to start working with children at a young age.  

What most excites you about working at Norfolk Academy?  
I really love the people I work with each day. I am surrounded by some of my best friends. I also truly enjoy the families that we are supported by here. Now, my own son is a Bulldog and it is the greatest gift to have him in this wonderful place with me.

Norfolk Academy is unique because…  
Norfolk Academy is a community. I feel loved, appreciated, and happy each time I step onto campus. I am constantly inspired by my colleagues, by their talented gifts in teaching. I have some wonderful relationships that I have developed over the years.

Last book read:  
Room on the Broom 🙂 

What do you like to do in your own time/when you’re not working?  
I love to spend time with my boys, all three! I have two sons and my husband, Tony. We are actually high school sweethearts! Singing is a passion of mine outside of school. Being active is a huge part of my life as well.  We enjoy bike rides, spending time outside, and just time as a family.

Favorite food?  
Hands down, I love Mexican food! Sushi is a close second favorite. I also love the food at Norfolk Academy!

Fun fact your students might not know about you/might find surprising:
I love skydiving and scuba diving!

“When I grow up, I want to be…”  
I have always wanted to be in a band, traveling the world and performing!

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