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The third and final professional artist exhibition for the 2023-24 academic year opened on January 25, 2024, in the Perrel Gallery.

Titled INTEGRATION III: You, Me, We, the exhibit is a solo retrospective of the conceptual glass work of Charlotte Potter Kasic, the executive director of the Barry Art Museum at Old Dominion University.

Potter Kasic has an extensive background in the Hampton Roads art scene. She was named executive director of the Barry Art Museum in 2021. She earlier was the founding programming director of the Chrysler Museum of Art's Perry Glass Studio. She helped implement the NEON Arts District in Norfolk and served as co-chair of the 2017 international Glass Art Society Conference in the city. She joined the Barry Art Museum in 2020 as the manager of museum education and engagement. 

Potter Kasic uses materials, from glass to maple sap taps, metaphorically in her highly human-centric work. Wall labels provide context for each piece.

“I think you will find the show visually spare, minimal, and elegant, but conceptually rich and layered with associations and meaning related to our human desire to connect, virtually and in real time," said Art Teacher Betsy DiJulio, curator of the art gallery. 

In addition to the artwork, the exhibit includes an interactive data visualization component. Connection Chemistry visitors can vote for which type of relationship brings the most significance to their lives by dropping a tiny figurine into the corresponding test tube. 

The public is invited to a free reception in the gallery, beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 6. Potter Kasic will speak as part of the presentation.

Each of the gallery exhibits this year have been tied to integrity. The first, from artist Peter Pittman, emphasized human relationships in and around nature. The second, from a collaboration of artists from around the region, emphasized relationships within the home, or built environment. This third exhibit will remain up until late March. 

The gallery is open during the school day for classes and individual students to browse and study. 

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