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Incoming Head of School Travis Larrabee came to campus during the week of December 11, for his first official visit since his appointment was announced in August.

Headmaster Dennis Manning introduced Mr. Larrabee to students at Middle and Upper School Chapels and to faculty and staff at a Monday afternoon meeting and reception. On each occasion, he got a real Bulldog welcome — a wave of enthusiastic applause, followed by many, many handshakes.

This visit included a historic meeting of NA's Top Bulldogs, as former Headmaster John Tucker joined Mr. Manning and Mr. Larrabee for a Sunday luncheon.

“We are truly enjoying the transition," Mr. Manning said, noting that he and his successor are connecting about school matters through biweekly phone calls.

During his visit, Mr. Larrabee also got a look at the headmaster's house, which is undergoing a renovation before he and his family arrive in late June.

Mr. Larrabee, who officially begins July 1, 2023, will return for visits in January and March, when he will continue, as he said, “listening, not to respond, but listening with a lot of empathy and learning."

While he's still busy at his current job as Assistant Head of School at William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, Mr. Larrabee said he's excited for what lies ahead: “I can't wait to get started!"

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