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Friday, September 11 marked the 19th anniversary of terror attacks that killed roughly 3,000 people.

Headmaster Dennis Manning had been in his position about a week when that tragedy unfolded in New York, Pennsylvania, and around our nation's capital. He can still remember the day vividly.

In an interview that aired on WAVY-TV, Mr. Manning spoke about the tragedy and the response of students who have grown up during the past 19 years. 

“You could start to think maybe they have been somehow diminished by this, but absolutely to the contrary,” Mr. Manning said.

“If anything, the way the students have responded to redouble their own efforts in terms of engaging with the community, and with each other. They constantly are demonstrating the humanity contrary to the graphic scenes of terror they have seen and witnessed.”  

To watch the full news report, see WAVY-TV's site

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