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As both Lizzie Adams '24 and Srivarun Hathwar '24 said in their valedictory speeches at Graduation on May 20, the Class of 2024 was a tight-knit group that became even closer through senior year.

Lizzie opened by thanking the hundreds of loved ones who filled Wynne-Darden Stadium for the Graduation ceremony, and all who helped the students on their journey. She then turned to her fellow classmates, "the remarkable group of people behind me," a community bonded together by choice.

The class celebrated many warm memories together, memories that will last lifetimes. Students also relied on one another through difficult times, including the loss of classmates Amber Morgan in 2022 and Sam Shumadine earlier this year.

“2024 is cheering on classmates on stages and fields," Lizzie said. “2024 is navigating hardship together, celebrating each other, and pushing each other to our individual and collective bests."

Lizzie then borrowed a remark Teacher-Coach George Bunn gave during a Chapel a few weeks earlier: I know it's hard to say goodbye, but it's time for us to fly. However, the Class of 2024 will fly knowing that it always has a home at Norfolk Academy.

“Even when 2024 is gone, when it's just a memory we will share of each other and of our youths, it will always be a memory we can cherish," Lizzie said. “I'm thrilled to be celebrating 2024 and this group of people, my best friends."

Like Lizzie, Srivi came to the Academy in first grade. He said his first impression was that the place was really big. He quickly realized it offered much more than a spacious campus.

“To quote my political science teacher Sean Wetmore: It is not the buildings or the resources that make a great place, it's the people. When I got to Norfolk Academy, I found a family, bonded together through our shared love of this place."

Srivi then spoke about what he witnessed working on NA's student-led broadcast channel. He joined the team because he loves sports and was excited for the chance to earn credit watching and commentating on games. 

From a great viewpoint, he witnessed highs and lows each season, big victories and tough losses. He saw teammates cheering one another on and holding each other up. 

“The best part of NA-TV was that I was able to see so many of you, the passion you bring to what you do, and the character you possess," he said. “What I saw made me proud of my classmates and the way the Class of 2024 shows their character, not only on the athletics fields but also through the arts, in the classroom, in service to our community, and more."

Srivi closed by recalling a Chapel that Head of School Travis Larrabee led on the seniors' final full day. He talked about home.

“We’ve done it together in this school, and I know that I can speak for everyone when I say that Norfolk Academy has been our home," Srivi said.

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