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Norfolk Academy excelled during the spring athletics season, with five varsity teams winning TCIS championships and dozens of student-athletes earning conference, region, and even state honors. 

The TCIS champions were golf, girls track and field, boys track and field, boys lacrosse, and boys tennis. 

That success follows a winter season when Bulldog squads won roughly 80% of their interscholastic contests.

Here's a list of individual team, conference, region, and state award winners:

Boys lacrosse

  • Most Valuable Player: William Inderlied 
  • Most Improved Player: John Foley   
  • TCIS Coach of the Year: Ryan Tucker  
  • TCIS Player of the Year: William Inderlied  
  • TCIS 1st Team: William Inderlied, Trey Mills  
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Jack Elliott, Barr Gill, Ellis Stedfast, Dayton Ott, Matthew Wetmore, AJ Galiotos  
  • All-Virginia Prep League: William Inderlied, Trey Mills, David Smythe, Walter Frazer, Ellis Stedfast  
  • VISAA All State 1st Team: William Inderlied, Trey Mills
  • VISAA All State 2nd Team: Ian Fitzgerald, David Smythe, Ellis Stedfast 

Girls lacrosse

  • Most Valuable Player: Maddie Brooks 
  • Most Improved Player: Grayson Fiveash  
  • TCIS 1st Team: Maddie Brooks, Grayson Fiveash, Molly Ruffin  
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Kate Ruffin  
  • VISAA All State 2nd Team: Maddie Brooks 

Girls soccer

  • Most Valuable Player: Sidney Jordan 
  • Most Improved Player: Lizzie Adams 
  • TCIS 1st Team: Bella Burr, Haley Holland, Sidney Jordan  
  • VISAA All State 1st Team: Haley Holland
  • VISAA All State 2nd Team: Bella Burr, Sidney Jordan


  • Charlie Hustle Award: James Benedetto 
  • Coaches’ Award: Jack Lynch 
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Dawson Montagna  


  • Most Valuable Player: Sarah Jacobs 
  • Coaches’ Award: Phoebe Montagna 
  • TCIS 1st Team: Sarah Jacobs  
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Annabelle Flisk, Sophie Pollio, Maddy Ruth 
  • VISAA All State 2nd Team: Sarah Jacobs 

Boys tennis

  • Most Valuable Player: Taylor Fox 
  • Most Improved Player: Caleb Peck  
  • TCIS Co-Coach of the Year: Mike Duquette  
  • TCIS 1st Team: Vignesh Akkina, Taylor Fox  
  • TCIS 2nd Team: Sam Shumadine, Julian Burke  
  • TCIS  1st Team Doubles: Taylor Fox/Sam Shuamdine, Vignesh Akkina/Julian Burke  
  • TCIS All-Tournament Team Singles: Sam Shumadine, Julian Burke  
  • TCIS All-Tournament Team Doubles: Vignesh Akkina/Julian Burke, Will Howerton/Caleb Peck  
  • VISAA All State 1st Team: Vignesh Akkina  
  • VISAA All State 2nd Team: Taylor Fox  


  • Most Valuable Player: Justin Green 
  • Coaches’ Award: Mac Moore  
  • TCIS Coach of the Year: Dave Cameron  
  • All-TCIS: Miller Carr, Justin Green, Aneesh Choudhary  

Boys and Girls Track and Field

  • Most Valuable Field Athlete: Josh Warsaw 
  • Most Valuable Running Athlete: Franklin Reid 
  • Coaches’ Award: Jens Islev-Petersen 
  • Most Valuable Field Athlete: Madison Galler 
  • Most Valuable Running Athlete: Caitlyn Lloyd 
  • Coaches’ Award: Zoe Cross   
  • Field MVP: Madison Galler  
  • Boys Overall MVP: Josh Warsaw  
  • 1st Team TCIS: Franklin Reid (800 meters), Josh Warsaw (11M Hurdles, 300M Hurdles, Triple Jump), Caitlyn Lloyd (100M Hurdles), Angelina Lancey (Triple Jump), Madison Galler (Discus, Shot Put)  
  • All-Prep League: Franklin Reid (1600M)  
  • All-LIS: Caitlyn Lloyd (100M Hurdles), Madison Galler (300M Hurdles)  


  • Boys Most Improved Player: Cooper Poorman 
  • Boys Most Valuable Player: Charlie Walker 
  • Girls Most Valuable Player: Jessica Parker 
  • Coaches’ Award: Lucy Baughman 


  • Most Valuable Player: Jennifer Permenter 
  • Coaches’ Award: Henry Campbell 

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