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Elbert Watson

Students have been exploring a wide variety of different subjects while taking in our latest Perrel Art Gallery exhibit, Kitchen Table Talk, works from noted artist Steve Prince.

During one of these lessons, art and dance have come together as Dance Master Elbert Watson has offered an interpretation of the exhibit through his performance in the gallery. During sessions throughout February, Mr. Watson talked to the many Upper School students who watched about how his family ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the kitchen table when he was growing up. The table served as a connector, bringing everyone together and allowing them to share ideas that sometimes get overlooked in the 'always in a rush' world we live in.

“Around the table, my parents gave me wisdom," Mr. Watson said.

In addition to his incredible dancing, Mr. Watson imparted wisdom on the students. He offered tips on what can make a fine arts performance powerful and encouraged everyone to explore their passions.

“Everyone in this room has a gift, unique only to you," he said.

This performance is hardly all Mr. Watson is doing in February. Shortly after one of these dance interpretations, he directed the Norfolk Academy Dance Team in its Winter Concert. He also choreographs the Winter Musical, which will hit the Johnson Theater stage from February 15-19. Mr. Watson also teaches dance classes during the school day and works with NA athletics teams as a pliability coach. 

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