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Elbert Watson

Dance Master Elbert Watson is featured in an article in the latest edition of Boulevard Magazine, a new publication covering the Hampton Roads region. 

The article appears in the February-April 2021 edition. The magazine debuted in fall 2020, highlighting cultural figures, topics, and events.

Jill Doczi's article on Mr. Watson explores his extensive background in dance, including how he entered the profession and his time with the prestigious Alvin Ailey company. 

The article then examines how Mr. Watson came to Norfolk Academy, what he enjoys about teaching, and how students in classes outside the Fine Arts have learned from his dance lessons.

“I came out of the isolation of the dance studio and found ways to apply and collaborate with others, using dance skills that I had," Mr. Watson said in the article. ... “My life is a constant trajectory of discovery and celebration. There is always some new method, insight, technique to learn."

Read the full article on Boulevard's website

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