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Students in Middle and Upper School learned more about the legacy and service of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during Chapels on Friday, January 12.

Both Chapels focused on Dr. King and the national Day of Service that annually honors his birthday. Dr. King was born on January 15, 1929, and each year, MLK Service Day calls on everyone to follow his leadership and complete community service that helps solve social problems.

During Middle School Chapel, students listened to an interview with Dr. King in which he discussed his rise to leadership and many various inspirations. He also spoke about his approach, which was to effect change by peaceful but powerful means.

Areen Syed '24, of Norfolk Academy's UNITiD Club (You and I Together in Diversity) led Upper School Chapel, noting that Dr. King's birthday is not intended to be simply a day off. She noted that it has become a Day of Service, calling on her fellow students to effect change by giving of themselves just as Dr. King did.

Both Chapels closed with original choreography from Dance Master Elbert Watson, performed to The Impossible Dream, sung by Luther Vandross.

Lower School students also learned about Dr. King in classroom lessons. For instance, first graders learned about Dr. King's many accomplishments and his peaceful approach. They read books about his life and wrote about their dreams, inspired by his I Have a Dream speech. To cap the lessons, the students designed peace signs on paper plates.

Norfolk Academy will not hold classes on Monday, January 15, in honor of Dr. King Luther King Jr. Day.

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