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Our students and alumni showed off their many musical talents as the school year came to a close, all while finding a creative way to continue a Norfolk Academy tradition.

For decades, the NA Happy Club has spread joy and raised awareness about Operation Smile, an international medical charity headquartered in Virginia Beach. One of the club's annual events has been a Be Someone Concert, where current students let their talents shine and everyone is encouraged to go into the community and “be someone."

Since COVID-19 caused campuses across Virginia to close this spring, the Happy Club decided to host the concert online. For six weeks, ending May 30, students and alumni gave a variety of performances, including renditions of their favorite songs to ballet dances to violin, piano, and drum solos. 

In total, 21 students and 14 alumni performed. Five Happy Club members also filmed videos highlighting Operation Smile. The concert drew tens of thousands of views on our Instagram and Facebook pages.   

Thank you to all our performers and everyone who tuned in!

You can watch the entire concert on our YouTube channel. 



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