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The Batten Leadership Fellows Program at Norfolk Academy encourages highly engaged students to work to understand hard problems and contribute to solving them. 

Fellows involve themselves with one of five cohorts: Chesapeake Bay; Engineering, Design, and Innovation; Global Affairs; Global Health; and Literacy. All of these groups traditionally explore complex issues, then go into the community to provide help, often going to different states and countries. 

Students are traveling to public schools to provide support, making trips to Virginia's Eastern Shore for community engagement, and heading to service projects at nonprofit organizations. In summer 2024, they also will go on trips, learning and bonding with their own group projects.

Students enter the Fellows program in 10th grade. New Fellows for the 2024-25 school year, who will graduate in 2027, were recently selected. The Fellows programs continue to draw intense interest from students; almost 60 excellent students applied, highlighting the program's excitement level and value. The process, which includes essays, recommendations, and interviews, was organized by Director Sean Wetmore and Jack Gibson, assistant director.

To learn about experiential learning in the Batten Leadership Program, please visit the website. For more about the activities of the Fellows, follow the student-run Instagram page

2024 Fellows selections

Global Affairs

Global Health




Anna Larrabee

Caroline Dailey

Andrew Konikoff

Grady Cartwright

Catherine Adams

Jane Earp

Hayden Hoover

Benton Johnson

Grayson Branton

Finn Guzik

John Benton

Luke Hatch

Josh Bazil

Logan Robinson

Haven Carroll

Kate Fine 

Shylaah Thakkar

Lea Poteran

Maite Guzman

Lily Mason-Breit

Livi Kohler

Vaughan Cutchins

Luisa Barros dos Reis

Sienna Watson

William Chung

Mia Jones

Wyatt Salter

Mason Cunnion

Wes Miller 


Simon Fass


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