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The Batten Leadership Fellows Program at Norfolk Academy encourages highly engaged students to work to understand hard problems and contribute to solving them. 

Fellows involve themselves with one of five cohorts: Chesapeake Bay; Engineering, Design, and Innovation; Global Affairs; Global Health; and Literacy. All of these groups traditionally explore complex issues, then go into the community to provide help, often going to different states and countries. 

This past year has been different for the program, because travel has been impossible and social distancing has been required. But it has nonetheless demonstrated how its students can dig deep to provide for both the Norfolk Academy community and those beyond the campus. For example, Global Health Fellows produced a series that informed about various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including its impact, vaccination efforts, and even media coverage.

Students enter the Fellows program in 10th grade. New Fellows for the 2021-22 school year, who will graduate in 2024, were recently selected. Mr. Sean Wetmore, co-director of the program, along with Mrs. Price Hall, said 74 excellent students applied.

“We are incredibly thankful for every student who applied and were blown away by the thoughtfulness and high quality of this group," Mr. Wetmore said. “Our newest Fellows are a highly accomplished and diverse group of students who seem ready to apply lessons they will learn through our program to solve problems facing our community. We are very excited to get to know and work with this group!"

To learn about program activities, please visit their student-run Instagram page

2021 Batten Leadership Program Fellows

Chesapeake Bay Fellows

Lee Acra

Ethan Eveleigh

Mills Everett

Sydney Joynt

Toye Lawani

Marin Soderberg

Sam Tignor

EDI Fellows

Sam Bibeau

Julian Burke

William Crouch

Ann Gray Golpira

Zoë Jones

Owen Yeung

Literacy Fellows

Bree Falkner

Charles Hope

Isabella Leon

Emerson Marling

Chloe Pausch

Lily Stockwell

Global Health Fellows

Joe Bakkar

Shelby Beverly

Van Deans

Sophie Pollio

Varish Sappati

Gretchen Scott

Global Affairs Fellows

Lizzie Adams

Brooke Bettencourt

Kaiya Burnell-Grant

Srivarun Hathwar

McKenna Panko

Areen Syed

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