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Associate Director of Admissions Brian Jarvis recently gave a presentation about using dynamic data visualization as a critical tool to shape admissions strategy at the annual conference of the Enrollment Management Association.

In recent years, Mr. Jarvis has led efforts at Norfolk Academy to analyze admissions data using web-based tools that allow for real-time interaction to swiftly reveal both nuanced developments and emerging trends. The approach has put our school at the forefront of admissions data analysis, leading to his invitation to present at the conference for the nonprofit Enrollment Management Association, which provides professional support to more than 1,300 independent schools.

The title of Mr. Jarvis's presentation was “Overcoming Spreadsheet Inertia: Bringing Your Data to Life Using Microsoft Power BI Visualizations." The Power BI platform, released by Microsoft in 2013 but still relatively new as a tool in independent schools, allows for the creation of maps, charts, responsive graphs, and connected tables. All of the data can be filtered across time variants and through multiple fields, allowing for new insights and more informed decision-making about admissions and marketing.

“The most important work we do is grounded in people and relationships," Mr. Jarvis said, “but we also recognize the value of data and data-informed decision making in the competitive and unique Hampton Roads market. Data visualizations have been a game changer for all of us on the admissions team, providing powerful new ways to interact with and analyze data. It reaffirms the school's strong intuitions and helps drive important conversations surrounding both strategic and tactical decision making."

In addition to serving in the admissions office, Mr. Jarvis also teaches geometry in the Middle School and coaches baseball.


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