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Upper School students focused on the fine arts on April 24, during Norfolk Academy's annual Fine Arts Day celebration.

The day opened with performances from the dance team and orchestra, band, and chorus members - well over 50 students in total as part of the Tunstall Spring Concert. After a collective art project in advisee groups, students returned to Johnson Theater for senior showcases and awards. The day closed with a special performance by the Calmus musical ensemble and a preview of the Spring Play, which will be free and open to the public on April 28.

Award winners were:

THE FILM STUDIES AWARD, given to Upper School students who demonstrate outstanding ability, academic achievement, and disciplined creativity in both film studies and film creation. Sarah Ternes '25, Rachel Cole '25, Joji Purdy '25, Griffin Dobbs '25, Xander Dukas '25, Will Howerton '25.

THE FILM SCHOLAR AWARD, given to Upper School students who pursue creative excellence and exemplify disciplinary achievement in the field of film studies and media scholarship. Ryder Betts 24, Carter Lucas '24.

THE ACADEMY PLAYERS AWARD, presented to seniors for their commitment, consistency, and creative growth in the development of the Fall Play production. Kadyn Johnson-Smith '23, Henry Patch '23.

MUSICAL THEATER AWARD, given to a senior in recognition of creative accomplishments and diligence in the pursuit of excellence in the Winter Musical. Anna Russell '23.

THE OUTSTANDING NEWCOMER TO THE WINTER MUSICAL AWARD, given to an Upper School student who has demonstrated leadership, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in his or her first musical production. CJ Murray '25.

THE BEHIND-THE-SCENES AWARD, given to Upper School students who have shown outstanding support of the many technical, physical, or scenic elements that go into creating a production. Tanay Patel '23, Tara Tavakoli '23, Taran Jeevan '23.

THE BAND AWARD, given to instrumentalists who have shown outstanding dedication and ability in the Upper School band program. Mitchell Moore '23.

THE ORCHESTRA AWARD, given to students who have, throughout their Upper School career, demonstrated consistent professionalism in their approach to working and performing in a large musical ensemble. Lee McElligott '23, Alex Barton '23.

THE CHORAL MUSIC AWARD, given to the Senior Vocalist who has shown outstanding leadership, dedication and vocal ability in our choral program. Mackenzie Savage '23.

THE MATERIAL WEALTH AWARD, given to students who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating the most curiosity, consistency, and creativity in their successful experimental approaches to both traditional and non-traditional materials. Lucy Avery '24, Emilie Beasley '24, Ellie Burnette '25, Cate Gusentine '24.

THE OUT OF LEFT FIELD AWARD, reserved for the students who most surprised themselves with—and are still not entirely convinced of—their artistic ability and achievement. Sallie Clarke Roberts '25, Blaise Van Slyke '25.

THE CITIZEN SCIENTIST IN THE STUDIO AWARD, given to the student who approaches artistic endeavors with the keen observation and analytical mind of a scientist, combining interests across disciplines at a high level while leading by example. Travis Carroll '25.

THE ALL—IN AWARD, bestowed upon art students who worked consistently at the highest level with exemplary efficiency and focus, challenging themselves conceptually and technically while setting the bar for others. Taylor Boone '24, Carmella Tabin '25, Jing Jing Zhao '25, Ying Ying Zhao '25.

THE ART HISTORY AWARD, given to two senior boys, who throughout both semesters, have demonstrated a passion for - and have exhibited a unique perspective in - the study of Art History. David Denson '23, Emmett Speers '23.

THE CROSS DISCIPLINE AWARD, given to junior or senior students who have demonstrated leadership, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence across multiple Fine Arts disciplines. Lauren Schill '23, Annabelle Dyer '23, Susie Guzik '24, Kristin Houston '23.

THE LEADERSHIP IN DANCE AWARD, given to an Upper School dancer in recognition of leadership, loyalty, integrity, and diligence. Lila Martinez-Rivera '23. 

THE MOST IMPROVED DANCE TEAM MEMBER AWARD, awarded to the to an Upper School dancer who has worked consistently to improve skills and technique through an exceptional work ethic. Sophie Knittig '23.

THE MOST CREATIVE IN DANCE AWARD, given to an Upper School dancer in recognition of promoting team spirit, loyalty, and involvement, through creative design. Sophie Patch '23.

THE EMERGING CHOREOGRAPHER DANCE AWARD, given to an Upper School dancer in recognition of establishing a creative and personal voice though choreography. Jane Stewart '23. 

Fine Arts Association Award: Given to a faculty or staff member who has shown an outstanding commitment to the Fine Arts. Martha Gentry, Administrative Assistant for Athletics and Fine Arts.

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