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Allison Zofan '00 is a founder and chief operating officer for ootBox, an Ohio-based company that creates work spaces without the need for expensive construction. The company appeared earlier this month on the popular television show Shark Tank, in which entrepreneurs pitch ideas to a panel of successful business people. The show netted ootBox a deal with Barbara Corcoran, one of the Shark Tank stars, as well as a lot of positive publicity.

Allison helped start ootBox after having advised leaders of Corporate Real Estate for 12 years as a senior director at Gartner. Among her earlier jobs, she served as an international pricing analyst for US Airways. She studied Public Affairs Management at Indiana University.

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Extracurricular Activities/Athletics at NA: Varsity Tennis, grades 8-12

College/Major or concentration: Indiana University, B.S. in Public Affairs

Tell us where you work, your job title, and a brief summary or description of your organization or company: I am the cofounder and COO of ootBox. We create bright beautiful eco-friendly spaces from modified shipping containers.

Describe a bit more about your role: As the cofounder and COO of a fairly young start-up, I wear a lot of hats. From logistics to supply chain to procurement to sales, you name it and we’ve got our hands in all the pots.

What do you like to do in your own time/when you’re not working? My husband and two young boys keep me pretty busy. We love to get out west to ski as often as possible, and spend lots of time in our backyard playing pickleball.

How did your experience at Norfolk Academy prepare you for what you are doing today? Any favorite memories or teachers who had a big impact on you? When you are launching a company, confidence is key. You have to believe in yourself and what you are doing more than anyone else. Having poise under stress and the ability to present in front of anyone is something Norfolk Academy prepares you for from a young age. Mrs. Peccie can take a good amount of credit for that! She was an amazing coach and mentor.

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